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24 January 2006 @ 07:31 pm
New Sketch  
Haha I LIVE. Good god...

Go to the cut to see the new sketch and some notes.

Alright, well, have a new sketch since the old one wasn't quite interesting enough. I'm not sure if I even like this or not, but I wanted to post it because I know I at least like the face, but whenever I get to the base of the neck, I BLANK, so I just sketched stuff. I figure that it would have some sort of luminescence mainly around its face to illuminate just enough its monstrosity. Since its a 'sea unicorn' I gave it hooves and.. a raptor claw? wtf, I know. I HATE the arms and chest-- looks too humanoid, going to redo it so the legs are more aquatic and suited to swimming, and yet still vaguely equine.. or something. I like the idea of a powerful serpent-like body curling behind it, but I didn't make it as long as I wanted to in the picture.

Anyway, sort of a post to let you people know I'm not dead. @_@ Please give feedback... should this be as creature-like and feral as it is? Were we supposed to be going for a more anthro look?

Also, I am heavily entertaining the idea of putting some little, frightened, bioluminescent, mer-type anthro THINGS in front of the unicorn. 'Cause it looks like it's saying, "YAY FOOD"

Updated so there IS something its about to eat. (The unicorn would look as though it had loomed from the gloom of the murky waters~)

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Careful... it's big. XD

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